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Return on Investment

R-Evolution calculates the return in dollars of a batch from share, like, download, and other analytics. These metrics are assigned real dollar values based on commonly accepted industry averages, and an estimated ROI Value is then given.

The ROI Value is just one part of the equation. It is the estimated value in real dollars that the batch has returned. You can use that value to find the ROI rate based on the cost of using R-Evolution technology on your interactive merchandise and apparel. The cost will be different for every client, so we cannot estimate or calculate that for you.

Data sources used for industry averages include: Forrester, WebTrends, EventBrite, Social Fresh, Buddy Media, Syncapse, ScanLife, Creotivo. View market PDF documents below for additional information:

Trackable Values

Facebook Like$1.07
Facebook Share$4.15
Twitter Tweet$1.85
Facebook Button$0.80
Twitter Button$0.33
YouTube Button$0.51
Google+ Button$0.51
MySpace Button$0.51
LinkedIn Button$0.51
Instagram Button$0.51
Pinterest Button$0.51
Ecommerce Button$0.41
Website Link$0.51
Donate Button$0.41
Flickr Button$0.41
Blog Button$0.41
Mobile App Button$0.41
User Info$0.95
Annual Facebook Fan$174.17
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