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Jeremy Schulz
Jeremy Schulz, Founder & Creator

With over 15 years as a creative thought leader, professional drummer, and educator, Jeremy is well-versed in problem solving and market adaptation. His early identification of the need for mobile consumer engagement and content delivery began in 2009. He has successfully perfected R-Evolution's offering by leading his team with positive forward thought and visualization methods. His experience as a creative artist and touring professional musician affords him a unique understanding of merchandise sales and the role it plays in all aspects of commerce.

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Brian Michalski
Brian Michalski, Co-Founder & CEO

Brian's experience spans 20 years in technology platform consulting and sales with Fortune 1000 companies covering talent management systems, content delivery platforms and media integration. He is a certified Human Capital Strategist and entrepreneur with degrees in Logistics and Marketing from The Ohio State University where he cut his teeth conducting market research analysis for the American Marketing Association, Apple Inc. and ARCO-BP Global.

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Nick Vogt
Nick Vogt, CTO

Nick's knowledge encompasses both technical and business fields, giving him a unique perspective on web development and web-based business. He understands the principles of a lean startup and is accustomed to a rapid development cycle. As hands-on CTO, his 14 years of experience designing and developing websites has allowed him to meet the needs of early customers and investors, and deliver product iterations at a quick pace.

Nick has a degree in Information Technology Administrative Management from Central Washington University, and a degree in Multimedia Production Web Design from Everett Community College. Areas of technical expertise include: PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, ActionScript 3.0, SaaS and Cloud-based management, Social API Integration, Apache, Windows, Office, Adobe, Computer Hardware, and Network Administration.

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